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August 19th, 2014

Leaning back in his chair, Dr. Louman cupped his hands over his eyebrows as he stared at the ceiling above him through the back of his eyelids. Slumber hadn't come, and probably wouldn't for some time due to the news of a part of his life he had honestly been glad had just dissapeared. All the memories of the case study and the one interview he did with him, he had locked away in a cage deep within his mind...but it seemed the lock was rusty and had just snapped...releasing it all back into the forefront. It had only been but an hour since the two FBI Agents had left his office in an urgency he was glad to see, and part of him hoped that the two would arrive in Cancun and throw the books to the wind and quickly disperce Vincent in a hail of gunfire....but deep down he knew they wouldn't...they seemed like upstanding agents, maybe with a little grit around their edges, but they would go by the books....and Freakshow would disperse of him. 

Leaning forward, opening his bloodshot eyes for the first time since they left, he brought his elbows to a rest on either side of a small stack of papers of various sizes. Reaching over he took hold of a small glass, one he had poured to help calm his nerves, and pressed the rim against his lips. Looking through it's glass walls he stared at a picture he had neglected to show the two agents, and regretibly it would have been the piece of the larger picture that would show the most dangerous part of Freakshow....deception.

He could only hope that Agent Myers and Agent Bundy would even make it in time.....

August 20th, 2014 2:14 am- Somewhere on a highway between New Orleans and the US/Mexico border

"I'll explain the details once I get there, I can't take a chance on spooking him before we arrive....just make sure you get ahold of border control and make sure there is no issues with us crossing into Mexico....this is very time sensitive and we must make it there before Annihilation!" came the very demanding voice of Agent Myers before he reached up and pressed a button on his blue tooth headset. 

"So...what is your plan for when we get there? I mean do you think the Bureau will like the thought of us stepping from our original assignment?" asked Agent Bundy, pulling his head back to squeeze a couple drops of a small eyedropper dispenser in his hand. Turning back towards Myers, who's eyes were glued firmly on the road before them, Bundy blinked his eyes a few times as the extremely diluted mint extract stung his eyes as he fought against the sleep that had been building up in them. 

"We're gonna find him, grab him and drag him into a secured room until we can get him extradited to a hospital in the United States...where he belongs. But this is part of the investigation, on how Jesse and the NEW have hired a clinically mentally ill man as their roster...letting him run around and legitimately hurt..and probably kill people." Myers replied, hitting a blinker and merging into the fast line of the highway, flipping a switch on his dash blue lights begin to flash overhead. 

"Why not get a few of the agents there grab him and hold him tell we get there!? I mean wouldn't that save us time....give him less chance of doing any real harm?" Bundy said, leaning forward as he cracked his window, letting the cool air of the night brush over him. 

"They don't know what we're up against, they won't exercise the right amount of caution. I can't take the chance on someone getting killed...and losing him again. That is why we have to get there asap!" Myers quickly responded, resituating himself in the seat and hammering down the accelerator. 

As the SUVs roared to life the long, endless white lines of the lane dividers turned to blurs as they shot past the vehicle. Slowly the abyssal black horizon before them engulfed their world as the clouds seemed to group up only around the moon, stealing the divine like light that had lit the road far ahead of them. Hours began to feel as though they had lost their hold on time, flying by like minutes. The miles they barreled over where near nonexistent as in their tired state all they could concentrate on was their ultimate destination and the life of Blair Buchannan and her family. 

Bundy found himself leaned against the passenger window, his eyes locked tightly closed as his lungs took slow depth breaths of sleep. Beside him sat Agent Myers, his hands locked tightly around the steering wheel as he held the large mechanical behemoth in it's path flying past civilian traffic who quickly darted out of his way. Ahead of him he could see the moon finding it's resting place, making room for the blinding light of the sun. The skies were losing their deep blues and blacks into a slated gray, with a few beams of hopeful orange streaming across the sky. 

Turning he looked to his partner, his mouth hanging open as a large snore blasts from his nose. The sudden sound and sinal eruption startles him awake. Though as his head darts up and his eyes look through the windshield, his startled look only worsens. 

"MYERS! LOOK OUT!" screamed Bundy, throwing his hand out in front of him as if to brace for a horrible impact. 

Myers shot his gaze back before him, and what he saw sent the cold chill of fear over his body. Standing directly in front of them with the distance between closing quickly was a man, large and glad in a dark jacket. His head was bowed and cloaked in either a hood or his hair, with the lighting it was hard to tell. Myers jerked the wheel to the left, hoping the miss the man and only scrap against the short concrete wall that shielded him from the oncoming lanes.

Tires screeched as the SUV narrowly missed him, the top heavy vehicle throwing itself onto two wheels. The rear end of the vehicle fishtailed around, causing it to slam back onto all four wheels and the momentum catching the other two wheels and sending it flying into the air with a violent flip. Horrifically it landed on its top, the SUV as a whole caught directly in the center with the unforgiving concrete wall. Over and over it toppled, crushing the top of the vehicle in on itself and it's inhabitants, until the unconscious body of Agent Bundy slides itself through the small opening left from the crushing assault of the window and goes sailing through the air. 

His body just flails, and the whims of his topple and the air resistance he twists and turns before crashing fatally onto the same wall their SUV had just been rolling on. His back buckles over the concrete as his head smacks the side of it, shattering his skull and the lining of his brain, letting his fluids rush from ever orifice of his body, diluted with blood and into a cascade down the wall and onto the blacktop. 

The vehicle rolls off the wall, back into it's original lane coming to rest on it's driver side. Myers gasped, a rattle in his throat as he fought against the oncoming grasp of death, as he pressed his palms against the crumpled roof of the SUV. It pressed hard and to his knowledge had completely severed his lower body, as he couldn't feel his legs or toes. He gasped, blood slowly feeling his lungs as he let his head fall to its side. The pain began to subside, as despite the flames beginning to dance their ways from the engine area, his body felt cold. He looked back towards where he saw the man...and there he stood. Still in the same place as before, but now he was turns slightly looking over his own shoulder. It was now apparent the mans head was covered by a large black leather mask...a hole cut for the mouth and the eyes. 

And as the death rattle overtook his final breath, and his sight failed in his final seconds....he could see the heavy shoulders of laughter as the large man turns and walks back towards the side of the road.

August 22nd, 2014- The office of Denise Buchannan

"What do you mean you couldn't get her!?" came the furious voice of Denise Buchannon as she took a step towards the painted madman, Freakshow. 

"I...I...I couldn' sorry my Mother dearest!" he quickly apologized, lowering he head and slightly turning away from her. 

"For the last time, stop calling me mother! I barely claim I would never claim someone like you!" she roared out and in a fit of fury reared back and sent a hard slap into the side of his head. 

She quickly took a step back, awaiting Freaks response. But instead of the usual smile most had gotten used to seeing spread across his face as he was being assaulted, this time he only brought a hand up to his face shielding himself from another attack, nearly cowering like a young child. 

"It...its......its Annabella....not Blair....mothe....." he stopped himself, fearing another strike. 

Denise stood back as he began to tremble, a slight sniffle as if fighting back tears. With a smile, she leaned into him.

"Listen to me Freakshow...listen well. Her Blair Buchannan....not Anabella. She doesn't...and will never love you...we will never be a family...never would have......" she said, her voice now grown to more of a calm. 

But the calm was short lived as he shot back up, shoving her backwards with both his hands. Denise stumbled, her lower back hitting her desk catching her from a fall. He turns face her, his hair falling in wet strands over his face. With his lips pulled tightly against his teeth, spit shoots from his mouth. 

"LIES! ALL LIES!.....why do you lie to me!? WHY DO YOU LIE TO ME!? My...yes MY ANABELLA LOVES ME!....she is not your Blair....your Blair is the lie!" Freakshow says stalking towards Denise, he brings his face just inches from Denise, his hands resting on the desk on each side of her. " have fallen for the illusion to haven't you? You believe the lies and fear the truth, my mother dearest. I am sorry...I did try...for you and my sweet Anabella both...I tried to show you the truth easily, but both of you are so entranced by the blinding can't even begin to phathom the veracity of the shadows." 

Slowly he pulls a hand from the desk, sliding it into the pocket of his pants. Slowly he gripped something, a slight smile on his face. 

"But much like my friend Dra...Vaka...maybe you need to be made" he said, slowly pulling his hand from his pocket revealing a long, grimy and rusted blade held tightly in his hand. 

Denise looks down to his hand, her eyes widening in fear. In a last ditch effort she pulls her head back and smashes her forehand as hard as she can into the bridge of Freakshows nose. The crack of bone rings out as he stumbles backwards, crumpling to the floor. Though much to her dismay he rolls to his hands and knees, looking back up at her...the knife pressed against the ground with his hand. 

"He...hehehehahahahahah! Oh...oh my mother dearest..." he began to cackle. 

But quickly she grabs hold of a lamp that was residing on her desk, taking a step forward she slings it over head and sends it crashing into the side of Freakshows head. The impact sends him rolling onto his side, but with an even louder billow of laughter from his lungs. 

"Listen to me you crazy piece of shit...if you ever lay a hand on me again...i'll see to it that they are removed. We still have a deal to keep, since you can't do a simple task as returning my grandchild to me....then I'll do it myself. But I will give you a second Annihilation you will have Blair..." Denise began, but is quickly cutoff by another burst of laughter. 

"Her Anabella....hehaha." He said, rolling himself to his side. Denise steps forward, but reverting back to his earlier state he throws an arm up and rolls to his side. " sorry my mother dearest....Freakshow won't dissapoint!"

"Good..." Denise says, walking towards the office door before stopping...snarling back at him once more....then leaving. 

But as the office door closes Freakshow pushes himself into a seated position, the knife held just inches from his face. A smile spread ear to ear and blood continues to gush from his nose, with a laugh he looks past it to the door...his eyes dark....

"Hehe...oh my mother dearest...oh yes...a mistake. Hehe, do not worry my Annabella, I won't let the wicked witch keep her....corrupt her....for our lovechild...I will take care of...and you, I will cut the illusion away and let you bath in the sweet sweet liquids of truth....he..hehehahahah!"