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“Yes, love. I’m perfectly fine…” Max sighed on the phone as he remained slumped over the bench of the locker room. “It was a bitch move and it cost me the match, but physically, I’m okay. I promise. Can you stop worrying about it? … Yes… okay. Look, just relax. I’m going to be fine and within two weeks, I’m going to fly over to visit you, okay? Until then, just keep working and saving up. You owe me, no? … Alright. … I’ll talk to you later. I love you. … Goodbye!”

Max hung up the call and pocketed his phone. He stretched himself out a bit more before he got up. He had already taken a post-match shower and was changed into his casual attire: sweatpants that WEREN’T just wrestled in, a band T-shirt (Today’s being My Chemical Romance), normal tennis shoes, and a simple trench coat, unlike the flashy one he uses in his entrances.  With that, he got up and left the locker room… only to be ambushed instantly by a familiar face.

“Oh. Hello, Alyssa. Funny seeing you around these parts.” Max greeted his former interviewer in Pinnacle Wrestling with a warm smile. Alyssa Luchi, one of the more prominent interviewers of both Pinnacle, and now Riot Star, smiled back silently. Before she could speak, Max already answered her question: “Yes, I would be glad to do an interview with you. Because I know you’re not here asking me to lunch. It is very nice to see you again.”

“Likewise, Max. Mind leaving me a moment to set up?” She asked as her cameraman behind her was still fidgeting around with the camera for the perfect recording… or at least the best he could get.

“No worries. I’m patient.” Max took out of his sports bag his iPhone and a cheap pair of headphones that wrapped around the back of one’s head. He put them on and shuffled through his songs on random.

Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise, the fall

You say that I’m kinda difficult
But it’s always someone else’s fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave.

- Primadonna Girl – Marina and the Diamonds

As Max closed his eyes and hummed the lyrics along with Marina, a small tap came across his shoulder. His eyes perked open a small bit as he looked over at Alyssa, who was ready for the interview before simply asking. “So… what that Marina and the Diamonds?”

“Uh… yeah, why?”

“You really ARE gay, aren’t you?” Alyssa couldn’t help but giggle a bit before turning to the camera.

“Well… anyone would go gay after seeing you in Playboy, no?”


“Shut up, Jeremy.” Alyssa told her intern cameraman. “Ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Max said calmly, still smirking a bit after the retort as he removed the headphones from his ears. Alyssa took a few deep breaths to wash away the angry, rosy blush along her cheeks before smiling to the camera.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen of Riot Star Wrestling. We’re here in the middle of the Anarchy show right now, but I couldn’t help but get a few words with one of the underdogs of the company, Maxwell Soloke. Now, Max, you were just in a match with Kintaru against your arch rival, Chris Gibson, and Dixie Clement. What are your thoughts on the outcome?”

“First. Let me get something clear. Gibson will never be my ‘arch’ rival. That person is saved for the man who is at the tippy top of most people’s shitlists. That would be Riot. Following that would be Juice and Blane. Gibson… would probably have to come after Cody Anderson. I know most people out there who are new to my career will not get that, but simply think of Nocturnal and Pedro Hernandez having a rivalry. Now subtract about five-hundred points and you have how I feel about Chris Gibson.

Second. That match. Ohh… that match.” Max couldn’t help up shake his fist a bit as he clenched it tightly. “I had him, Alyssa, I did. I wanted to put Gibson down for the count again and put another nail in his obsession with me but… that PRICK just HAD to come out of the blue and drop me with a bitch move! It’s a loss on his record, too, as well as once again ANOTHER loss on my own record with Chris Gibson CHEAPLY getting a victory over me. It’s sickening… his… ex-wife… and now his new boyfriend, Kinny! And, while I’m on the subject of Kintaru… I hope that powerbomb hurt, Kinny. Because, while you may not be in my sights right now since you have your own issues… be well aware that if I catch you in the same ring as me ever again… I am going to break you. Got it?”

“Heated words, Max.” Alyssa said before calmly asking her next question. “So what about Gibson. I know you do not think fondly of him, but he has had a lot of heated words about you that I’m sure you have heard. Care to give him a bone?”

“Yeah, sure, why not.” Max said before taking the microphone away from Alyssa before glaring deep into the camera, worrying Jeremy as he stared into the eyes of a desparate man. “Gibson. Let me make it clear that my career in Pinnacle Wrestling was settled LONG before you shuffled your ass back into the company. I had already been in the rings with the top ranked wrestlers of the company and have gone toe-to-toe and trades blows with them. I may not have won those big matches… but goddammit, if I didn’t leave a mark on the crowd that still follows me today. Look at me, now back to you. Back to me… and back to you. Look at where your life has gone now, Gibson… you’re alone without a wife while I’m happily enjoying a steady for a year-plus. My career is happy and content… even if you’ve taken two wins on me through questionable means. Yours, however, is laced with pure hatred and obsession. Obsession towards me. Towards Riot. And… maybe even towards Valora. You need help… your obsessive personality is a detriment on the health of everyone in this company… and if I need to be your psychologist in that ring… so be it. Maybe. MAYBE… our paths will cross in that ring again. But I hope no time, soon… because I will put your lights out, end your career, and keep everyone safe from your insane desires for that which will never come. Get it? Got it? Good.”

Max backed up, taking a deep breath to calm his thoughts before handing Alyssa back her microphone. With that, he reached over and patted Jeremy the Intern on the shoulder with his right hand. Jeremy looked over at the hand, which had a pride ring, and well as a small marriage band, around his ring figure. He got a little tenser, but kept still as Max backed up with a small smile towards the interviewer. “So, Alyssa, what else do you have for me tonight?”

“Your opponent next week.”

“Oh? And who might that be, Alyssa?” Max asked as he stretched a bit. “It’s not Gibson since he’s in the tournament. It’s not Kintaru since he’s got plans. It’s not Riot since he’s putting some fucked up druggy into rehab. So… I couldn’t give a serious damn about who it is, no disrespect to them, but yeah. Who is it?”

“Juice Jackson.”

The room fell quiet fast. Max’s eyes widened with shock. His fists balled up again, shaking slowly with anger. His teeth gritted, eyes shutting as he tried very hard to calm himself. “I’m sorry… I do not believe I caught that… Alyssa… who did you just say my opponent is?”

“Your opponent is Juice Jackson. Former CEO and Owner of Pinnacle Wrestling. Our former employer. One of those on top of your… so-called ‘shitlist’. You two will be facing off in a one on one match for contendership towards the Skirmish Championship. What are your thoughts about that?” Alyssa looked at Max, who had his back turned towards her as he paced in thought for a second.

Just as Max looked like he was about to put a hole in the wall, he managed to calm himself down before quietly asking to both Alyssa and the intern. “May we find a nice place to sit down instead? I do believe it is time for stories. Especially for those who do not know me. This is going to be a good learning experience. You do not have anyone else to interview me after this, no?”

“Uh… no. I’m just doing improv work for now so-“

Max cut her off without letting up. “Perfect! Come, come! We’re going into the locker room where the only ones that will hear my words will be you two before this gets posted. Come along, come, come!”

Max’s smile was unsettling as both Alyssa and Jeremy looked to one another before following him into the locker room. Like he reassured, no one else was in the locker room with Max. Everyone else had either left the building, or was preparing for their matches. Max offered Alyssa a seat on the bench while seating Jeremy down on a steel chair. Afterwards, he dashed off for a moment before coming back with a whiteboard and a marker with a smile. Max? Pictures? This story cannot end well but…

“So! If you do not mind, I’m going to tell you all the story of my life. If you’d like to get out right now, speed up to the end where you’ll hear me just simply go BEEEEEEEP. Now… this is going to be titled… Draw My Life! Original, isn’t it? Because SO MANY PEOPLE haven’t done it yet on Youtube!” Max laughed a bit as he started to scribble on the whiteboard. “Do not worry. I will only go over my background and my stay with Pinnacle… at least as it pertains to this match. I won’t bore you with my time in CLAW or other places… for now!”

Alyssa and Jeremy both let out a small sigh, giving up their time as they knew that they would both be here for a while.

For his first image, Max showed off the state of Ohio and a date: January 15th, 1992. “I was born in Columbus, Ohio, on the date shown. Within a few days, yes, I will be twenty-three years of age. Hurray for me. If you’ll look below the state, you’ll notice three stick figures! Myself, my mother, and my sister. We all lived… moderately happy. But, you might be asking, “where is your father”? Well…” Max chuckled a little to himself, shaking his head as he started to scribble a new picture. “If it wasn’t for the fact that he was drinking to forget the fact that he was doing hard drugs before that and completely fucked up my whole entirely family… he MIGHT have been invited to this family portrait. But… c’est la vie, right?”

“Within my pre-teen years… I had to stay with my aunt while my mom worked late nights.” Max showed off a large W with a small stick figure child smiling at it. “So… while she worked, I watched professional wrestling with my aunt! It’s just a shame that company has become so much shit now… but all the same, it was here that I got my desire to be a wrestler. I started to work out in my teen years in preparation for when I became of legal age.”

Max rolled his eyes for a bit before scribbling something small. All it was, was two male symbols, combined by the ring with a heart around it. “It was during my teen years that I found out that I was… hm, what do most people call it? A faggot? A pillow-biter? That’s what all the ‘cool’ kids called me anyway! Reverend Mitchell? Father Nathan? Either of you wanna throw bibles at me? I'm ready for them if you've got the punches to back up the books."

But, in the end, I was gay, yes. I was a homosexual. Going to school during that time was fun but I won’t bore you the details of every bloody fist fight I got into with some of the bullies. I will say though… the experience I got during my middle and high school years was what sparked the brawler in me more than it did the actual wrestler in me.”

Max erased and scribbled another symbol now on the whiteboard before presenting it. “It was a year or two later that I joined Pinnacle Wrestling. If you’ll remember at the start of this interview… I put Gibson lower on my priority list than Cody Anderson. To explain… Anderson was more fucked up in the brain than Troy Adkins was… probably sober. In our debut match… I tore a tooth from his mouth and pinned him in a pile of his own blood. He wanted revenge on me. He wanted my death and demise. I, on the other hand, did absolutely nothing but beat him down to a pulp time and time again up until our last match: Odysseys for the Pinnacle Tag Team Championships. I pinned him while he was affiliated to Rob Riot and his stable, the Murder. And it was with that… that I stole gold away from Riot… and started my path up in Pinnacle Wrestling. But… every time I tried to make it up the roster… I was always screwed out of it. From between E-Rock’s pure interference in the Surge match that cost me my career, as well as my Pinnacle Championship Ladder Match against Riot himself in which I had my fingers wrapped around the belt before he yanked me down and put him up to grab it… from that… to Juice Jackson’s interference that stole away my Tag Team Championships, my career, and the purposeful screwing he did to me while I also climbed high for gold. It wasn’t just Pinnacle gold, either. From the very start… his systems were flawed when it came to championships. Cody Anderson, someone who had never won a single match in his career, was delivered a championship match before I could even start in the division. And by the time High Stakes came around… oh… High Stakes… his lapboy… Him and Tucker Blane… they screwed me hard out of it all… and it is a pay per view that I will never forget.”

“We’ve clashed one within the ring. It was a cage match. I was declared the victor. I escaped the cage… but he still managed to abuse my body out of the ring until I was sent out to the hospital, unable to compete for a long time. The fire still burns in my soul, Alyssa… of all the trouble that man has caused me in the earlier parts of my career.” He glared over at her, the whiteboard and marker down at this point. Before he did, continue, however, for all those who chose to skip this part of his life…


“There… now that everyone is back on track with my shitty life. Alyssa… I can only assume your follow up questions would be what are my plans for Juice Jackson.” Max took in a deep breath before continuing. “My plans for that bastard are simple. I’m going to do to him what he did to me in that Cage match. I’m going to beat him senseless. I’m going to abuse every rule I can. I’m going to make sure he pays in that ring for one night what he has done to me in several months.”

“And I’m going to do it with a smile of pure sadism on my lips. Alyssa… if you haven’t heard of the Showstealer… the man before Pinnacle Wrestling… the fucked up little child fresh out of high school who made a name for himself by bashing skulls in and bloodying his opponents up without mercy or remorse… you’re about to get acquainted with him next event. My regards to Riot… he’s about to lose a star.”

It was at that moment that Max got up from the bench and quietly left the locker room, leaving Alyssa and Jeremy both stunned before she timidly finished up the interview. He couldn’t care less for how she ended it. At this point, he left the arena without another word. His eyes were unwavering as stared out the window of his taxi at the passing traffic. His hands were clenched tightly. His blood was boiling.

It was time for Max’s own obsession with finishing what he started… what he truly started… on his return to Pinnacle Wrestling… to come to a close. And it ends with his arm raised above a bloodied Jackass.