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Wrestlewars....For it was quickly becoming a wrestling federation on the rise and needless to say
one of thenreasons without question that it's stock was rising was do to some of the talent influx
as of late. Which of course included none other than the international superstar Jesse Styles.
Granted this wasn't his first tour with Wrestlewars but this tour had a whole lot more meaning for
Jesse why you ask?

Well that anwser is simple for this second tour the talent pool was a little more deep and now when Jesse Styles becomes the WrestleWars Heavyweight Champion it would have even more meaning and just add to the legacy of one Jesse Styles. For Jesse was thirty one years old and held countless world titles not to mention been involved in some of the biggest matches in the ring and behind the scenes in the business of wrestling history.

He has been at it since he was fifteen and there wasn't any slowing down in his future not right now not a
chance for the sixteen years he had in the business had only made him grow more addicted to the drug
known as wrestling. From the fans, the girls, the brutality, and hell even the traveling Jesse truly loved every
aspect of wrestling. Now with Mind Games not to far away Jesse Styles focus was on one thing mostly and
that was of course the elimination chamber match where he would need to defeat five men in order to win
the Wrestlewars title.

However at this weeks battleground he would step into the main event as it should be and fight in a battle royal where the winner would get to be the last person to enter the Chamber. Honestly Jesse could give a fuck about when he enters the chamber but Battleground four was another match and Jesse hated to lose it's just not built in his DNA to lose. Does it happen? Sure from time to time but he really hates it with an extreme passion.

But, moving onto the current events at hand Jesse Styles had left his two cousins Braden and Danny behind at the hotel to ride with his best friend Ricky Cassels on a trucking route that Ricky needed to run. One would assume you all remember Ricky Cassels right? Just six months ago he and Jesse where taking the Wrestlewars world by storm but the the temporary closing of the federation put a damper into that.

However Ricky Jesse's very southern friend continued on driving the semi that he had bought with Jesse's credit card and seemed to love it so much in fact that he still had yet to resign with Wrestlewars which in truth did bother Jesse a little bit because he wanted his best friend there with him side by side. However if this was the road Ricky wanted to take for the time being then Jesse would accept it. But, any who Jesse had been picked up by Ricky to finish his latest delivery but they would stop at a local bar once they reached New Mexico and the next parts of the night would be a bit of a blur.

Jesse Styles: What the fuck? Hello? Okay I think my eyes are open but all I fucking see is darkness and
all I feel is a cold damned floor seriously what the fuck?

He would reach into his pocket pulling out his zipper lighter lighting it and getting a good look around noticing
that he was inside what seemed to be the trailer that Ricky was pulling. Jesse moved the lighter around
and saw many faces inside this trailer which did remind him of what Ricky was hauling to the border. For he
and Ricky had come up with a plan thanks to a contact Ricky had made and that plan was to legit smuggle
Americans into Mexico because no joke these people where sick and tired of America.

Of course the question could be raised as to why these American born people didn't just cross the border legally into Mexico but the fact was they all wanted to fall off th grid no passport bullshit or anything else like that. So Ricky brought it up to Jesse of this haul he was about to pull and Jesse figured out a way how to involve his newest arch enemy Rob Riot and his two little bitches the three of them where known as The Bastards.

Jesse Styles: Uh.....Do any of you like still speak English or have you given that up as well?

Man: *Spits some chew onto trailer floor* I speak English the name is Logan.

Jesse Styles: Your name is Logan is it?

Logan: That's right.

Jesse Styles: And, where did you used to hail from?

Logan: Montana a boring ass place where all I did was write code for this damned fantasy wrestling website
and no one ever understood me god damned Americans I tell you no matter how much I did it was never
enough they always just wanted more.

Jesse Styles: I see a uh fantasy wrestling website you say?

Logan: Correct for it was something I thought I could put on my resume but boy was I ever wrong.

Jesse Styles: Yeah I could see how that might not be something good to be on your resume. Hell with that
on your resume the best you could do in America would I bet be like a manager at Hardees or something...

Logan: Exactly damn this country and damn the people in this nation for not apperciating me!

Jesse Styles: Okay there guy don't cry shit man you will be in Mexico soon to start your new life.

Logan: Thank god I have to get away from these damned Americans always picking on me even the people who joined my site especially for being a Dallas Cowboys fan I mean come on we used to be Americas team the haters!

Jesse was getting a little weird vibe from this Logan guy like he might pull a gun out and just start shooting mother fuckers at any given moment. However it was funny that he wrote fantasy wrestling code when Jese was in fact a wrestler and had a big match in the coming days. A battle royal to be exact with that Fire Starter Mills weirdo, LA Child, Rob Riot and some other J-brones to be named later during the event. Now Jesse considered talking to this Logan guy about the fact that he was a wrestler but he guessed a guy like that being kind of a loose cannon skitzo type was more than likely a Rob Riot fan and Jesse would of just felt like punching him in his damned face multiple times over again. Instead Jesse kept acting like he was listening to Logan ramble on about some fantasy wrestling company that ruined his dreams of being the worlds best fantasy code writer. Now while acting like he was listening he was in fact texting his buddy Ricky saying "PULL THE FUCKING TRUCK OVER SO I CAN GET OUT OF THE BACK!". Suddenly the sounds of screeching tires where heard and the truck came to an abrupt stop which caused Logan to go falling face first onto his face he was now rolling around in pain holding his nose.

Logan: Son of a bitch I think I broke my nose god damn it and everyone thought my internet buddy Patrick
had a nose problem well it seems I do now too son of a bitch.

Jesse Styles: Uh...You'll be okay there bud.

The trailer doors opened and Jesse quickly ran off the truck and jumped onto the ground taking in the sun light like it was the first time the sun had ever hit his face. Then he looked up and saw his buddy Ricky wearing one of those stupid ass helmet like things where it had beer cans on it and two tubes that went to his mouth. Jesse then looked around at the area and saw a huge ass fence pretty damned close to them. He then took another look at Ricky who had a pair of fence cutters in his hand and a shit ass eating grin across his face. Jesse reached into his back pocket and pulled out multiple business cards that had bank account information written on the back of them. Ricky saw what Jesse had in his hand and attempted to take a few out of Jesse's hand but Jesse told him hell no and that they where for the people about to cross the border.

Ricky Cassels: But, zee Ricky needs money to damn it!

Jesse Styles: You greedy fuck your getting paid like twenty five thousand for this run alone.

Ricky Cassels: So?

Jesse Styles: Just saying you are a greedy fuck is all. Now do me a favor and round up the soon to be former Americans right quick an uh keep that Mexican Meat head looking fuck that' name is Logan near the back he freaks me out.

Ricky Cassels: Don't you wish to know why you ended up in the back of the truck there hoss?

Jesse Styles: I remember lots of moonshine that's all I need to know.

Ricky Cassels: Well never fear zee Ricky drives fast we will get you to battleground to win that battle royal.

Jesse Styles: Good for all of them got an ass kicking coming.

Ricky then opened the trailer doors even wider and motioned for all of the people to step out onto the ground as Jesse Styles waited for them to all climb out. As they began to climb out Jesse thought about the battle royal that he was going to be in and couldn't wait to show them bitches a preview of what would happen
at War Games. He was going to become the Champ Rob Riot be damned he wasn't the king no he was just
the man keeping the throne warm for the god damned returning king and that was of course Jesse Styles.
Finally everyone had gotten out of the trailer gathering around Jesse and once they had gathered around
Jesse nodded at Ricky who quickly dashed across the field to start cutting the fence to Mexico open. Jesse then started handing those business cards out to the soon to be non Americans.

Jesse Styles: Now folks on the front of these business cards it just says Bastards but each card has a bank account number on it it's accounts from men like Rob Riot,Johnathan Mills, LA Child and a few other people who where so kind to donate portions of there money to these over seas accounts. So by all means my friends as soon as my good buddy Ricky gives the sign you run your asses across that border and find the first bank you can to pull from these funds because with these funds you can live like kings in Mexico and remember if you run into any form of the law this was all the idea of a man named ROB RIOT he is the head hauncho of this project and tell the authorties that they should contact him first thing that's if you get into
any trouble with the law across the border.

Ricky quickly came running back with that same damned smile on his face as he started yelling YOU BOYS ARE FREE GO! GO! GO!!! Jesse looked at Ricky kind of annoyed like and then all of the people ran past Jesse headed for th gate but Jesse noticed the last person to attempt to pass him and quickly tripped this man up causing the man to fall to the ground. Jesse took a long hard look at the mat while Ricky picked the man up to his feet and Jesse couldn't believe his eyes it was the god damned owner of Wrestlewars Dave

Jesse Styles: Dave what the fuck?

Ricky Cassels: Yeah Dave what in th sam hell boy?

Dave Demented: Come on guys just let me go I don't wanna be in this country anymore I can't handle the fucking pressure of running Wrestlewars anymore those damned Bastard have finally cracked me!

Jesse Styles:Oh hell no you are not doing this again I refuse to be this god damned close to the World title and you to vanish again fuck that you are getting in that god damned semi and going with us to Battle Ground.

Dave Demented: NO! I REFUSE!

Jesse Styles: Who the fuck said you had a choice? Boy I will beat your ass now get in that god damned semi and you sir are sitting bitch!

Ricky Cassels: Hey don't be calling Angel a darned semi Jesse....

Jesse Styles: Ricky seriously  that's exactly what it fucking is.

Ricky Casels: No it's name is Angel!

Jesse Styles: Sigh.... Could you at least think of a more kick ass name?

Ricky Cassels: No I like Angel she's mah baby!

As they where arguing Dave tried to sneak away but Jesse quickly grabbed him punching Dave in his gut and forcing him to walk to the front of the semi errr "Angel". He then had Ricky open the door and shoved Dave into the semi and then got him self inside as well. Ricky would be the last one to enter as he ran around to the drivers side getting in and starting the semi up even pulling the big rig cord to give off that big
honking sound semi's give.

Ricky Cassels: Heh, that's Angels way of telling me she loves zee Ricky.

Jesse Styles: Yeah.... That's it Ricky.

Ricky Cassels: Next stop Battleground where my best buddy Jesse is gonna win him self a battle royal yeee doggy!

Dave Demented: Seriously guys I don't wana go back!

Jesse Styles: Oh shut the fuck up Dave we will handle those Bastards don't you worry and until then here have some damned moonshine.

Dave Demented: OH well don't mind if i do.

And, with that Angel "The damned semi" Rolled forward headed for the event known as Battleground where Jesse would go out to the ring and be the victor yet again in the upcoming battle royal. Then the following event he would put all he had into the Elimination Chamber to win the Wrestlewars Title and you had better believe all he had was damned sure going to be enough.