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Deadwood's bar is jumping at 11pm on a Saturday night, the crowd can be heard on the street outside the bar. Behind the bar stands the proprietor and sometimes bartender, Aurora Deadwood. Aurora takes the drink slip from a small busty blonde.

Roe: Bambi, can you not talk these broads into something a little less fruity? I swear if I have to make one more damn girlie drink I am gonna scream.

Aurora glares at a table full of giggling women, wearing penis necklaces and the bride has a sash and a crown made of penises. Bambi, has been a waitress for all of two weeks. She has broken quite a few glasses and spilled several beers on handsy men. Aurora had to respect the way the woman left her customers happy.

Roe: (Mumbles) She may be as dumb as a box of rocks but she does her job well enough.

As Roe adds some fruity beverage to a glass a loud, long scream pierces the air.


Aurora looks up at the commotion, of course it was the bachelorettes. Marilyn comes out from the kitchen her hands on her hips. Marilyn has worked for Aurora the longest and is the oldest person in the bar on a regular basis. As Roe watches Marilyn, she notices the woman's face twisting up. This causes Roe to look at those making the commotion.

Near the back hall there are several dirty looking people pushing into the bar, the bride's penis crown is hanging crookedly in her tangled blonde hair. The man closest to Charlotte has something reddish brown smeared all over his face. The screamer, who also announced loudly just two hours earlier that she was the maid of honor, grabs onto the bride and spins her around ready to give her a tongue lashing. What she finds has her throwing her hands over her face and backing away.

The bride's throat is a bloody mess, her windpipe can be seen wide open a flap of skin hanging awkwardly into front of the grotesque scene.

Roe: What the fuck?!?

Aurora comes around the bar when all hell starts to break loose, the people in the back hallway finally push their way into the room. Screams can be heard over the thumping music playing. Roe grabs hold of people trying to get the to go out the front door. Out on the street is similar scene, screams can be heard everywhere. As people push and pull, Aurora is lifted off her feet..

Roe: Aww hell.

Aurora flies behind the bar and grabs a baseball bat she keeps to keep patrons in line.

Roe: Griff! Get as many people as you can in the cellar. Just make sure they are not bit.

Griff: Bit? What the hell is going on boss?

Roe: Its the fucking Zombie apocalypse, obviously. Get your ass moving. Some of these people still owe me for their drinks.

The last comment sent several people hurrying towards the door. Aurora turns her attention to the back of the bar, people are screaming, crying, struggling, and moaning. Roe notices a woman cowering in the corner, her eyes are wide and it is obvious she is in shock. Roe heads towards that way, her bat at ready.

Roe: Batter up bitches!

Roe swings the bat at the attacking zombie, brain matter flies and her bat gets stuck in the cranium. She struggles to pull it out, she knocks it to the floor and uses her feet to release it. She notices a movement behind her and knocks another back, she readies her bat and slams the handle into the temple of another. A couple other patrons are fighting back with various items, including chair legs and bar stools.

Twenty minutes later, Aurora is covered in sweat and bits of all sorts of bio matter. She rights on overturned chair and plops into it. Breaking glass has her turning towards the back of the bar. She hops to her feet and greeted with another biter, only this one had a an axe in it's head. The axe is pulled out and the biter falls to the ground.

Roe: Hudson....where'd you get the axe?

Hudson: What? no thanks for saving my life Hudson?

Roe looks at the young man and cocks her head to the side.

Hudson: was in the back hall, in case of fire and what not.

Roe: Huh, forgot that was there. We should let Griff and the others out of the cellar.

Roe rounds the bar and grabs the handle to pull up the cellar. At this point the power has went out and the cellar is really dark.

Roe: uh come on guys its relatively safe out here now.

Aurora heads into the dark cellar thinking that maybe everyone was in the storage room. She swings open the door and is knocked to the ground. Hudson turns on a flashlight and Roe screams at the sight before her.
Roe: Damn it Griff, I told you to make sure no one was bit.

Hudson: Roe get down.

Roe glances up and sees the gun in Hudson's hand, she hits the ground and slides between the cook's legs.
The closest of the zombies took the first blast directly in the chest. The metal shot ripped the decayed organs apart and severed the spinal column, collapsing the creature to a lifeless lump of flesh. Unfortunately there were at least 10 zombies in the room. Gun shots lit up the room enough that Roe was able to grab an ice pick near the cooler. A noise behind her has Roe shoving the pick into her wait band, preparing to head up stairs and into a wider location to take out the creatures.

She turns to face the noise and sees two zombies struggling to get to her, clawing at her. She has unknowingly gotten herself backed into a corner and she could see Hudson in the storage room doing his best to take down the zombies. Roe pulls a handgun from her boot and fires at the closest of the two, splashing brains across the room. Second zombie reached her leg and Roe struggles and kicks at the creature. She tries to fire the gun again but there are no bullets.

Roe: Oh shit....dumb ass bitch...pack a damn gun with one bullet. I'm a damn idiot.

She pulls the pick from the waist band of her jean, she crouches down, holding the knife low, waiting for the attack. The zombie attempts to grab her but she easily evades the stumbling zombie. It moved closer and was now just a few feet away. Its mouth was contorted and its flesh pale and filthy. As it lurched at her, Aurora thrusts the dagger up into its throat and then pushed it up hard into its brain. She shoves the body off and rolls out into the room. Hudson is staring at her.

Hudson: Girl, you scare me.

Aurora wipes her dirty hands on jeans and smiles.

Aurora: Good. I told you all, those zombie survival books were not some joke. I told you all this would happen. Bastards called me crazy. Who's crazy now?
Aww shit...

Aurora turns around and vomits all over the cellar floor.
Present Day
Hudson: You’re not even close, are you?
Aurora: What?
Hudson: Hi, I’m HUdson Grey, and I’m inside you. I know how these things slip your mind.”
He didn’t sound annoyed, but she felt bad anyway.

Aurora: I’m sorry.

He slid his hand down her back and rolled to one side so that they lay face-to-face on the damp sheets, the springs protesting under them.

Hudson: Don’t apologize. Especially when you don't mean it.

Aurora rolls off the bed, her naked body shining in the moonlight. She rubs her hands down her sides and glances over at the man laying in the bed. He's dark hair was brushing his collar, he's refused to cut it since the zombies appeared. Aurora didn't mind the hair, she found it kinda sexy. What she didn't find sexy was pretty everything besides appearance. The only reason she kept him around was for his mechanical abilities and sex. And the sex would not keep her with him but the fact he could fix any vehicle they ended up in did.
She grabbed a black tank top and pulled it on over her bare breasts, she then pulled on a pair of black panties.

Aurora: I'm just itching for a fight. Its been awhile since we ran into any other humans, just this nasty bastards.
Aurora is looking out the window towards the dozen or so zombies that are currently milling about the small town main street. they are currently holed up in the upstairs apartment of some sort of pawn shop. A noise down stairs has her jumping.

Hudson: What was that?

Hudson is sitting at the edge of the bed pulling on a pair of jeans. A static sound can be heard in the quiet of the night. They head into the living room and notice the TV has sprung to life, on the screen a man is in a helicopter. Aurora turns it up and the pair sit their watching and listening intently. They watch as he heads into a casino, talking about his Z-Games.

Hudson: You ready for some action Roe?

Aurora: Oh yeah. Vegas here we come! But first we raid another liquor store..I only have two bottles of Jack Daniels left.