Roleplay Spotlight
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Llewellyn sits with her legs crossed in the middle of an in otherwise empty EWF ring. The lighting was only about half as bright as it would be if a match was going on. Friday Night Adrenaline was only a few hours away and she wanted to use this time to enjoy the ring to herself.

“Things have changed and eyes are open. I said I would overcome the feelings that my heart had for one Ayla and indeed I walked into this ring and for the first time I defeated the woman that slipped into my heart. I was once blind but now I see. Things aren’t as they once were, things change and the more they change the less they stay the same. What we’re seeing now, is not like the last time but more like the first.”

A smile spreads across her lips as she lays on her back using the ring ropes to prop her feet up in. She looked a little out of place on her back in the ring but she was relaxing not wrestling.

“The first time I was in the EWF I was an unstoppable force, held two titles at the same time, held the woman’s longer than anyone else. I was higher than the titles defeating me was more important than willing a title. Then I had to leave for a short time. When I came back… I was blind and lost. Unable to touch the greatness that once came so easily. Lost and confused. Now, I am still not focused as I once was, but I am no longer blind. Still I’ve been untouched. Even while not at my best I am better than anyone else in the EWF, and it bores me.”

Rolls from her back to be resting on her stomach, her legs crossing at her ankles as she bends her legs and gives them a little back and forth like swing.

“Dark Angel.. what are you? Are you an angel that’s dark? Or an evil angel? Angel of darkness? I’m from the dark and believe me there are no angels there. A fallen angel maybe? Or a forsaken angel? Do you even know what you are? With a name like that there’s no telling. I. I am Llewellyn, that’s it. One word says it all. I don’t need to take two things and twist them together. Are you saying you’re a Demon? I’ve seen you, and I don’t see Demon when I see you. So Dark Angel what are you?”

Places her hands on the mat in front of her and pushes up leaving her hips on the mat to push and arch her back up until it gives a small little crack.

“I can tell you what you are, you’re just like everyone else. A weak mortal, a little girl trying to play in the dark. I’m not playing, and I am very real. When you get into this ring, don’t expect your darkness or your angelness to save you. Don’t worry losing to my doesn’t make you weak or less of a person, it just shows you’re like everyone else, useless. "

Rolls to her side and slips from the ring, looking back up the stage ramp then to the ring before letting out in nearly a whisper while walking up to the back.

“Benvido Dark Angel ao inferno. Cando entrar no meu anel que vai saír coa súa alma e con outro perder co seu cinto. Antes da pausa do val da morte, coidado, non haberá misericordia dentro desas cordas.”