Roleplay Spotlight
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(The scene opens up in a motel room in the early morning. Over by a large window sits a small table littered with knocked over empty bottles of Vodka and Robotussin cough medicine, a cashed pipe of marijuana, and multiple opened Trojan Magnum condom wrappers. As the scene cuts away from the window, we see three pairs of bras and panties strewn about on the floor, along with numerous Taco Bell wrappers scattered about the carpeting of the hotel room floor.)

(LuLu Monologue: My life wasn’t always like this…)

(In the bed we see three naked, bottom heavy, pear shaped, women passed out next to each other on a bed with twisted sheets between their legs and wrapped around their bodies. The women look tired like they’ve been working the streets for years, yet if you’re into dirty looking women, then you would probably find them terribly irresistible.)

(LuLu Monologue: I used to be the biggest pimp slash drug dealer on the east coast, a Rebellion Wrestling Hall of Fame Legend, and quite possibly the greatest Tough Man Champion of all time. Now… now I’m just a fat bastard desperately trying to get through the next day hoping for things will turn around.)

(Suddenly the scene shifts to an 80% shut bathroom door. For a good 30 seconds, a marathon of horrifically epic farts rings out like machine gun fire echoing against the toilet bowl. It’s obvious the person inside is having some tremendously violent gastro intestinal issues. The sound of grunting and the occasional cuss word leaves the mouth of man with a very deep voice.)

(LuLu Monologue: Of course I’m not the only one struggling these days. Twenty percent of Americans are unemployed. This whole financial mess President Bush got us in back in 08 is the direct cause of it all in my opinion. If it wasn’t for him, Rebellion Online Wrestling would have never gone out of business and my main source of income wouldn’t be my side entrepreneurial ventures in drug dealing and pimping.)

(Finally after a few minutes the toilet flushes and the door swings open revealing the massive 600 pound man known as LuLu Biggs. Biggs has lime green boxer shorts on and is wearing a white cotton tank top. The hung over Biggs stumbles out of the bathroom just as there is a knock at the door. The knock catches Biggs off guard and makes him freeze in his tracks as he screws his eye balls trying to get the crust out of his eyes. As he turns around, he checks the peephole and sees the Asian manager of the motel and two police officers on the other side of the door.)


(LuLu Monologue: It’s times like these when I try to think back to how I got here.)

(The scene flashes back to Rebellion Online Wrestling’s Slam Fest Pay Per View back in 1998. Lu Lu Biggs is making his way down the aisle with his Manager Slic Mic and a large group of prostitutes wearing high heeled shoes and relatively expensive yet hooker looking like outfits. They all walk down to the Rebellion wrestling ring as LuLu and Slic dance to Jay-Z’s Big Pimping in a flamboyant manner. His opponent and the current R.O.W Tough Man Champion at that time, “Trouble” stands in a ring unamused. The ropes have been replaced with barbed wire. The audio from the event kicks in as Biggs enters the ring.)

(Rich Relando: Here he is! The former three time Tough Man Champion trying to make another go at it!)

(Holly Hudson: If he wins here tonight Rich, he will be the first wrestler in Rebellion Wrestling history to ever win the title on 4 different occasions, but keep in mind he has a tremendously tough opponent!)

(Rich Relando: Well if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years Holly, if there’s one man who can defy the odds, do the impossible, it’s that fat 600 pound bastard!)

(The bell sounds and Trouble and Biggs lock up ear to elbow. LuLu quickly out powers Trouble and pushes him into the barbed wire ropes driving the barbs into his back. LuLu then locks in Troubles head under his arm and lifts him straight up into the air slamming him hard into the ring canvas much to the approval of the fans.)

(Holly Hudson: Biggs already taking control of this match early on!)

(Rich Relando: The man is on a mission Holly. I think Trouble might be in some serious trouble!)

(LuLu Monologue: The match was tough and Trouble mounted a big come back midway through it. In the end though, when we were bloody, beaten, and torn, I hit my “Up and Smoke Slam” ending it.)

(The highlight clip shows LuLu lift Trouble up into the air, bounce his body off of the top rope, and then snapmare suplexe him back onto the canvas hooking his leg in the process for the 3 count.)

(Rich Relando: My god! LuLu Biggs has done it!)

(Holly Hudson: I can’t believe it! Wait is he pulling out a joint! I thought President Manning told him he’d be suspended for a month if he smoked Marijuana at another event!)

(Rich Relando: Some people never learn.)

(LuLu and Slic share a few puffs in the ring before making their way back up the ramp to celebrate back stage with Biggs holding up his strap for all the fans to see.)

(LuLu Monologue: I was on top of the world at that moment, and I would give anything to get back there now. I didn’t know it then, but my world was going to come crashing down around me. My life style was finally going to catch up with me in a big way.)

(We flash forward to R.O.W’s Pay Per Veiw Resurrection in the year 2001. Here we see LuLu Biggs standing in one corner of the ring with his Tough Man Title over his shoulder and the greatest R.O.W Global Champion of all time Xavier with his Global Title Strap over his shoulder. Both men staring dead in the eyes of the other.)

(Rich Relando: This is it Holly! LuLu for the first time in his career has a chance to become the R.O.W Global Heavyweight Champion!)

(Holly Hudson: That’s right, but it won’t be easy! Xavier hasn’t lost a match since late 1999. The man has been unbeatable to the core meaning of the word!)

(LuLu Monologue: I don’t remember a whole lot, only that I had my customary 3 Triple Whoppers from Burger King with extra mayo before my match like I always would.)

(The belts are held up and displayed in the air for the fans by the Referee and then the bell sounds signifying the start of the match. The two men meet in the center of the ring and begin to brawl, throwing haymakers left and right. LuLu gains the advantage and sends Xavier into the ropes. Xavier bounces off the ropes and LuLu comes at him and lands a massive clothesline dropping Xavier to the canvas. He then follows up by stomping on Xavier like a mad man.)

(LuLu Monologue: Maybe it was the adrenaline of fighting the man no one could beat for over a year, or maybe it was cocaine in snorted half an hour before the match, but it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. As the match wore on it only got worse, and Xavier was really bringing the fight to me.)

(Rich Relando: Ohhh! Xavier with a huge “X-Man” splash, and now he’s climbing up onto the top rope on top of Biggs and blasting him in the face with some serious right hands!)

(Holly Hudson: LuLu has to find some way to bring the momentum back in his favor.)

(LuLu Monologue: I only know this from watching it on video but somehow I managed to push Xavier off me before the heart attack hit.)

(We see Biggs push Xaiver off of him before stumbling forward grabbing his chest and collapsing onto the canvas on his back. The referee motions the R.O.W medical staff, who quickly recognize LuLu is having some sort of chest pains. The bell sounds declaring Xavier the winner as the medical team arrives at ringside and use a defibrillator machine to restart LuLu’s heart. It takes 12 men to help lift the big 600 pound man up onto two stretchers and then onto a fork lift. The fork lift is driven up the ramp and LuLu is driven in the backstage area where an ambulance is waiting for him.)

(LuLu Monologue: I was lucky the hospital was as close to the arena as it was. The doctors told me I would have been one dead pimp otherwise. I received an angioplasty and a stint in my artery and was in bed for over 3 weeks. The doctor told me I had to give up fast food, take all these medication, and drop my weight. So I did the impossible…. I went on a diet…)

(The scene reopens with Biggs sitting at his kitchen eating Taco Bell in a work out suit across from Slic Mic.)

(LuLu Biggs: Doctor’s say I have to lose weight, so no more Burger King for me Slic! From now on it’s healthy food like Taco’s from Taco Bell and jogging every morning.)

(Slic Mic: I thought he said you had to give up fast food?)

(LuLu Biggs: Taco’s are healthy for you man! Plus I have it all worked out, I’m going be like Jarred from Subway, only with Taco Bell. I’m going to make tons of money off of this! I already talked to Taco Bell and they said if I can lose like 300 pounds they will sign a contract with me.)

(Slic Mic: Uh…LuLu I think that’s a pretty bad idea and I’m pretty sure Taco Bell is bad for you.)

(LuLu Biggs: Ahhh you don’t know nothing Slic! Just watch!)

(LuLu Monologue: It took me 3 years, but I lost 100 pounds, and I was finally cleared to come back into action, only to find out Rebellion Online Wrestling had gone bankrupt in 2007. This was very disconcerting to say the least with the economy slowing down how it was. It wasn’t long after that when the economic crash happened and my drug and prostitute ventures crashed and burned as well. I had to sell my home, my night club, hell…I even sold the “Benzito”.)

(We cut to the present, LuLu pulls out a photograph of the famous pimped out 300-D Diesel Mercedes Benz known only as the “Benzito”. As LuLu puts the photograph away, the scene cuts to hallway outside of LuLu Biggs’s room where the two police officers and the motel manager are standing waiting for someone to open the door.)

(Police Officer: Sir we have claims from Mr. Woo that you have prostitutes in your room and possibly illegal substances.)


(Police Officer: We have a search warrant for the room so will be coming in no matter if you open this door or not!)

(LuLu Monologue: I’ve never left a “Ho” behind, but today is the day I finally hit rock bottom.)

(As the camera cuts back inside the room we see Lu Lu open up the Motel window, climb out it, and scurry down the fire escape. He then runs to a ford pinto parked in the parking lot. He quickly unlocks the door and stuffs his large fat ass inside of the tiny vehicle. As he fires up the car and starts to drive out of the parking lot his phone rings. He answers it quickly and is surprised to hear his old manger and friend Slic Mic on the other end of line.)

(Slic Mic: LuLu my Pimptastic brother from another mother! It looks like wrestling is finally getting more popular again. I got you a contract finally with a new company called “No Limit Wrestling”. I spent all day working out a reasonable contract for your ass with a guy named James Bullet in Las Vegas. It sounds like a legit federation with some decent competition so I need you on your game if we’re going to make any waves in this place.)
(LuLu Biggs: Slic my friend, I ain’t never been happier to hear from you in all my life G! What kind of match am I fighting?)
(Slic Mic: It’s one on one against some joke called John “The Classc” Sniper.)
(LuLu Biggs: Mu..MuHahha HA! Hahaha! Oh man this guy’s got a nick name?
(Slic Mic: Look LuLu you’ve been out of work for a long ass time! This is the best I could do! Now get your ass out to Vegas so I can get your fat ass fitted and into some new wrestling gear!)
(LuLu Biggs: I’m getting on the highway as we speak bro!)

(LuLu Monologue: Little did I know what I was getting myself into...)