Roleplay Spotlight
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Dravaka is sitting in a secluded cabin. He is watching video's of the Reaper and the Immune System. He looks over to the guest room where his friend Bosley used to room and take care of Dravaka's very need.  He thinks back to his life with the exception of his youth he has always had someone there. The Immune System has taken that away. This business has taken everything that has mattered to him.  He looks at his wedding picture of Katrina and he looks at the youth of Katrina and himself and falls back into the old chair. He thinks back of the days that she and himself would get away from the crowds and the chaotic schedule and just lay nude in front of the fire. 

He grabs the picture and holds it tight and thinks of the disgusting things he did to her to get the World title not even sure where it was, but he had to destroy her to get the belt. He had used there gets burying them alive to get her to quit. She had something Dravaka never had. She had a conscience. She had a heart. Dravaka had thrown the heart away. That is the way Boris Zubov had taught. If you care for something it makes you week.

Dravaka now walking over to the next picture of himself Sasha Benshov and Boris holding the NCW World Tag belts. He had turned on that young star and cost her a career.  He remembers looking at Boris the day he turned on her. He remembers the sadistic smile as he smashed the chair down on the girls neck. He still to this day visits what is just the shadow of the once strong women. She now drinks out of a straw and does computer art work to past the time in the jail that Dravaka provided for that damn wheel chair of hell.

He looks at the picture of JJ Wild and Skullcrusher. The two characters he broke into the business as. He had won the overall Cslam rookie of the year and the Fed title which would be equal to the Fedwars World Champion. He held it record year mark. He had been part of the biggest stable in the history of Cslam.  He was part of Xtasy.  A group who had dominated. He being just a 19 year old kid all the money and fame. He would remember calling Katrina with at least 3 girls in his bed.  She being pregnant with there first kid.   He grabs the Cslam belt and looks at with amazement 20 something years ago he had stood in the middle of the ring.  Beating Picachu for the title.  He remember the Xtasy cleaning house that night.   He drops the belt and looks in the cabin that is surrounded with gold belts.  He walks to the one belt. The belt that had meant he had made it big time.  The NWW and  XCW World Title.. He remembers the horrific action he had grown into Dravaka Drimstone. He not only was his wrestling persona, but became his true idenity.

Now sitting on the floor as the tears start to run down his face.  Thinking of his great friend Luis Mascaras. He and him had been tag team champions for along time and Luis had made it to the top . They being the Unamericans had reaped terror on the whole fed. 

Now looking back as he sat with the tag belt and Luis had just won the world title and he had decided to ride alone that day. When he got to the stadium and Chaos had approached him. He and Luis had always been the first one in the NWW arena and the last one out.  Chaos had purposely made Luis do some autograph signing. Dravaka remembering Luis nor himself thought much of it. Seeing Luis was the world champ.  He remember Chaos coming to him and saying he is holding you back. Dravaka found his first taste of the politics of the game. He had never been part of the backstage. He remembered Chaos saying he would make sure he would make it to the top if Dravaka would become his hit man behind the scenes.  He had until he won the Money in the bank.

(Now shaking his head in disgust and vomiting on the bear rug. He had made a deal on there brotherhood that he would wait til Luis would drop the belt.  He would than cash in.  Than that night the highest paid and ranked show at the time until Hunter would later break the Gfed record again. Christmas Hell to remember or some shit like that. He had came to the ring to celebrate as Chaos came to the stage and there was a video of a masked man with his father which had been prerecorded. The man gave Luis Masaras father who had lived in Mexico a gold old Mob Neck tie cutting his throat from one ear to the other killing the old man. As Luis looked in shock and horror looked to his brother. Dravaka Drimstone for comfort only to turn around to see his best friend wearing the mask from the video and hitting him with a ton of Last Rites and than as Chaos stood over Luis counted to three and stood over his friend with the fathers blood still on his hand. )

Dravaka looking at the picture of him holding the belt and wiping the blood of Luis Mascaras father on his face.  That was the day that the now know Saint of Sadistic was born. He had beat the likes of 40 oz and Luis and Hunter Valentyne and a young Jesse Style. He had buried Johnny Immortal alive than flooding he grave site with blood.  He would meet his friend who Devin Stone who had been up and coming in NWW during the Sadistic Faith and Forsaken feud. Katrina had broke into the game and made it big as did Devin Stone. Dravaka had always been one step ahead of Devin always beating him and holding the World title wherever they would go while Devin would hold the secondary and tag belts. Devin never caring about the fact that Dravaka had always made it to the top.  

Now holding the picture knowing that Devin had lost the passion for the game after losing someone very close. He remembered the look on Devins face when he disclosed that Devin dead wife had been pregnant with Dravaka Drimstones baby.  Dravaka now walking out as he watches the leaves dying and falling to the ground for the winter. 

Just like everyone he has ever cared for they fall and die. He has given his world for this game and now the only man not to steal or judge him is now the victim of Messiah and The Reaper.  The reaper Dravaka walks to the wood pile and slams the ax as hard as he can as the log splits in half. He imagines it as Messiah and the Reaper brain. He than looks into the camera.

Dravaka- You know Reaper and Messiah the boogie man is nothing more than your imagination going wild.  You however have stepped into a world that my friends I have been in so many times. Do you think for one minute your the first to send a limb to someone. I have had sex with my best friends wifes corpse. You see to get that World title I have split the world in two. .I have buried my own children alive. I have licked the devils paw and spit in his face. 

(Now taking the ax and sharpening till he rubs it across his finger and tastes the blood.)

Dravaka- You see you rookies have no clue what this blood tastes like. You have come and tried to scare me. I will admit you got in my head for that brief second. Now I see exactly what you are. Cowards  You hide behind the devils hand and the Immune System. You see you nothing , but a casualty you are standing in my way of what is the true picture and that is that gold I was screwed out of..

( Now Dravaka is cutting at the tree like a maniac)

Dravaka- Do you know what that is like to have the title in my grasp and to see it ripped away for that brief second I was announced the world champion and than Messiah you did your little mumbo jumbo prayer and your little Demon walked you down. You stole what is mine. Come our match I am taking back what is mine.

(Now grabbing the camera and looking at it)

Dravaka- There ain't a damn thing you can do. You can take everything in my world, but not my belt you can't touch.. I am coming and I am not stopping till i get that fucking belt back.. Messiah go worship some chickens or whatever  you and Reaper go cleanse the world, because i am going to get mine.