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We all do things we're not proud of. We all walk the line day in and day out. The real question to be asked is, do we know when we've crossed the line? Most people do. However, there's a good handful of people who not only cross the line without realizing it, they flat out jump over it, turn around to face it, unzip their pants, and piss all over it. To make matters worse, they then proceed to drop their pants, look at the line, turn their back on it, squat down, and take a healthy taco tuesday shit all over it. 

Which brings us to Inkt. 

As far as he was concerned there were no such things as lines to be crossed. Hell, even if there were? They were soo far behind him, that he's gone full circle and come to said line again... Over... and Over... Again. It was never really intentional. In inkt's mind, (what's left of it) he figured it was best to never look back, go balls out at all times to reach whatever objective was at hand. 

It was that mentality that landed him here. Jail. Again. He'd spent the last two months behind bars making new "friends." For the most part, people wouldn't mess with him, and he wouldn't mess with them... At least until the "urge" struck. Then? No one was safe. Inkt had always been an equal opportunity cock sucker, and pussy puncher. To him, it didn't matter what it was as long as it gave him some form of euphoria in a short amount of time. It was only up until a week ago that he had thought there was something wrong with the way he went about things. Turns out, according the psychiatrist, he was a sex addict. Having learned about his new "condition" he decided to make the best of it. He could use his diagnosis to pretty much get away with whatever he wanted... 

Sneaky Butt stuff in the shower? 

"It's okay, im a sex addict...It's not rape."

Donkey Punch in the kitchen? 

"It's okay, Im a sex addict... It's not assault."

Dirty sanchez in the mess hall? 

That's where we find the line. Inkt is seen pinning a man down in the middle of the cafeteria with a tear in his eye as he struggles with another inmate on the ground. The man screams out for help, but no one in their right mind would get in the way of this. Their reasoning behind not interfearring with the whole situation has to do with the fact that it was either Pookie, or them. That being the case, it was pookie. Inkt's latest adventure. Even the guards didn't want to interfere. If anything, Inkt was doing them a solid. Pookie had made a name for himself by pissing off all the wrong people. However, inkt wasn't one of them, he just liked Pookie's smile. 

"Get him Inkt! Get that sweet bitch ass."

Inkt stopped and looked to the man calling out to him. Pausing for a moment, Inkt shakes his head, points and winks in his direction. The men around the heckler step to the side leaving him singled out. 

"wha...what the fuck was that?" 

The man next to him shakes his head and shrugs. 

"Sucks to be you, bro..."

Just then, a loud grunt can be heard, followed by stench, and then silence. It was as though a scat film was taking place live, and all the men couldn't be bothered to look away. It was like an accident on the highway. You don't want to look, but something compels you to watch. Almost as soon as it had started, it was done. Inkt, sweaty and breathing heavily stands up and begins to pull up his pants. Making his way over to the heckler, he looks from side to side before placing his face just inches from his. Speaking in a low, and somewhat menacing voice, to the man:


"M...Me, what?"


"Me, what? Tonight? Me, tonight, what?"

"Tonight, I'm coming for that ass."

Inkt reaches around and smacks the guy on the ass with a firm, yet very uncomfortable good game smack. Just as he did, the sounds of dripping liquid could be heard. Inkt looks down, and then back to the inmate.

"Water sports?"

"No, god! Please! NOOO!"

Inkt shakes himself out of his nap, and looks to his computer screen, and smiles. 

"PUGH! PUUUUUGH! I figured it out!"

His hetro life partner was no where to be seen. Inkt looks back to the screen once more with the game "hard time" paused. Standing, he looks down to the screen still, and thinks to himself a bit before turning his back to it in order to search for his fat fuck of a manager. 


Inkt paces quickly through the hotel room, and sighs. Nothing, no one. The food was gone, the beer was gone, the... The fucking makeshift christmas tree had been knocked over. It looks like there had been a struggle. Did he miss something here? Why was the room a mess, and all the food gone, and their charlie brown christmas tree knocked down? 


Inkt sighed and began cleaning up a bit as he investigated for clues. none were to be found. Was this another dream? Was he having a dream inside of a dream? Was this the inception? 

"What's this?"

Inkt leans down and picks up a letter that was sent fed ex. Reading it, he sighs.

"Fuck, that's right, I'm supposed to get back into the whole wrestling thing, aren't i? There's an event tonight... But... Fuck, already?"

"You've been on vacation for like three fucking months if not more, bro. It's time to get your cock lovin ass back into the ring and make something of yourself."

"Jesus? Is that you?"

Inkt looks up to the ceiling and then to the fallen tree. 

"No, you dip shit."

Inkt looks to the door and sees pugh with his arms draped over a pair of younger women. A smile curves his lips as he watches inkt. 

"Sorry about the tree, we were deep in a game of santa's sack, and shit just got real. These two were on the naughty list, and they were trying to convince me other wise."

"Oh, right on. I love that game. Can i be on your naughty list too?"

"Inkt. What have i told you about that kind of shit? I'm never fucking you. I love the pussy, and only the pussy. You know that."

"Now see, that's not 100% accurate."

"Yes. Yes it is."

"Ever done anal?"

"Yeah. I've fucked my fair share of chicks in the ass, but that's not the point."

"No, that's totally the point. If you can fuck a chick in the ass, then why not fuck a dude in the ass. Anal is like a gateway drug. Just like weed. It's funny how it works out like that. But, once you go to the brown eye, all the other brown eyes are fair game, and created equal."

"That's not true at all. Brown eyes are most certainly not created equal."

"Well, I mean, a properly maintained one is created just as equal as the other. However, all it takes is one or five bad browns to leave a bad taste in your mouth on the matter."

"Seriously? Fucking gross, bro. Look, you gonna play wrestler again or not? If so, we've got a little bit of work to do."

"Meh, Yeah, i guess i can play wrestler again. I'm not expecting too much out of myself, but fuck it, i'll go ahead and take a couple of lumps. Get a handful of dick and what not."

"I liked it more when you were in denial."

"Hey, man, I am a sex addict."

"Not... Not a real thing."

"Do you like sex?"

"Of course I like sex."

"Do you crave sex?"

"Yeah, sure... Why not? It's almost always on my mind."

"Well, maybe you're an addict too."

"See? Right there, if those are the only two questions anyone needs to answer yes to in order to be considered a sex addict, that's how i know it's not a real thing."


"i don't want to google it."

"Why wouldn't you google it?"

"Oh, yeah, wait... I just googled it... It said it's not a real thing..."

"Well, then you went to the wrong site."

Inkt sighs aloud and looks to the two girls that are still standing there with pugh.

"Anyone down for an orgy?"

Pugh throws up his hands and turns to walk away. 

"3 way?"

One more of the girls walks away with pugh, leaving inkt standing face to face with the last woman standing. 

"You ever play hard time?"

She smiles at him, punches him in the stomach, catching him off guard. Inkt doubles over and falls to the ground closing his eyes. 

"You've totally played this game."

However, she wasn't in the playing mood. He watches her walk away from his curled up position on the ground. 

"wait, wait! I'm going to be big again, you're gonna regret not fucking the last remaining legend from the Iconic New Edge Wrestling. I've held the world title!!!!"

He breathes in quietly as a tear trails down his cheek. 

"I've held the world title."