Roleplay Spotlight
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Belfast, Northern Ireland:

Nathaniel O’Connell stood in the fairly small yet peaceful looking cemetary in the middle of town.  Directly in front of him stood three headstones, the name on the one in the middle, directly in front of Nathan read ‘Amy O’Connell, Beloved Wife of Nathan O’Connell and Mother of Patrick and Fiona O’Connell.  The gravestone to the right of Amy’s had Fiona’s name on it, the gavestone to the left, of Amy’s bore the name of Patrick on it.  His entire family, wife 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son lay in that graveyard.  Nathan sighed as he looked over the 3 gravestones and ran his fingers through his hair.  “I know I told you I was done.  That I was coming back home and was gonna stay home, work the pub with Tera and maybe help her keep the gym open and train people.  But let’s face it love.. I’ve ever only been good at a few things in life, football, fightin’ and well… the ‘special’ work I did before you and the kids were taken and I ended up as a priest.  People tell me I’m a great priest and I really reached a lot of people as a priest when I ventured into the ring.  I have to once more.  In the absence of good men, evil has flourished and thus someone must return to help bring balance.  Please dunnae think less of me love.  I know you were always worried I might lose myself in the world of violence.  I can only ask ya to trust me and promise ya that I’ll see you soon.  I love you.  I suppose the one good thing to come out of the tragedy is that you know exactly how much I love you.  You saved my life, you were my guardian angel, sent to pull me out of sin and I’ll never forget that.:”

Nathan looks up at the sky and smile a bit before turning and raises an eyebrow as he notices his sister in law, Amy’s twin sister Tera, walking up.  The tall, well built Irish woman looked at him and nodded.  “It’s done.  I got ya a job.  That Finkelberg fella from RSW got Riot and Cardone to sign off on bringin’ you in.  My sales pitch was made easy by the fact that Finkelberg was familiar with ya from New Edge.  Apparently not familiar enough to give you quality matches… or the other two people in the match went and pissed him off.”

Nathan nodded as he listened and he and Tera began to slowly walk out of the cemetery and towards the gym that Tera’s family had owned for generations and that had been the main place where Nathan had trained and refined his art.  “Good.  Someone needs to shut that so called Reverend Shane Mitchell up.  He’s pervertin’ the teachings of the Lord and it’s startin’ to irk me.”

Tera nodded.  “Well focus.  He’s in a match with a few other people, Valora being among them.  let her handle him this week.  You got someone named Twister and Kwyjibo.  This twister fella worries me, he seems to be a complete nutter.. check out the promo he put up..”  She says as she takes her phone and pulls up the video feed.  Nathan watches the feed and raises an eyebrow before smirking and laughing.”

“A noob, huh?  I wasn’t aware I was suddenly a newcomer to the business.  The problem with kids these days… he hasn’t heard of me so I must be new, right?  Just another man with Pride swelling his ego and delusions of grandeur.  Another lost soul that thinks life is game and evil is somehow ‘cool’ or in style.  I suppose it’s time for a lesson.  What about our other opponent?”

Tera nods.  “Kwyjibo.  He’s been around a bit, most notably in nGw.  I wouldn’t overlook him and I expect you and him to give our young Twister a lesson in respect..”

Nathan nodded.  Tera was damn smart.  She had born raised in the fighting game.  Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Underground fighting.  She knew it all and had learned from her father how to spot talent, how to train.  She could be a great fighter herself if she wanted but so far had shown no interest in getting into the ring herself, for the time being, preferring to aid Nathan in his career.  Nathan closed his eyes for a second,  Kwyjibo sounded familiar.  He was almost sure they had met before.  As for Twister, well… Tera was dead on.  A lesson in respect was called for and This match provided the opportunity for Nathan to not only send a message to management that signing him was a good move and that he could still compete at a high level, it was a great chance to fire a warning shot across the bow at Shane Mitchell and drive home the point of what, exactly the Charlatan had gotten himself into when he picked a fight with him.  Of course, from watching the RSW social media site, it seemed Shane Mitchell was good at ticking people off.  He had condemnations for just about everyone.  He had even succeeded in pushing Valora to take a stand for what’s right.. which was something that was not exactly easy to do.

A couple days later saw the pair in Tokyo, in the hotel RSW had chosen for it’s talent, sitting at a table in the hotel’s restaurant with Nathan listening to Tera complain.  “Bloody Japs.. what the hell they mean they got no Guinness?”  Nathan smirked and lifted his coffee.  “Order a coffee.  It’s still early yet.  Worry about alcohol later..”  Tera sighed.  “I suppose… still cannae believe Druscilla is put in a legitimate match and you’re in match forcing yourself to ‘prove yourself’.  You’ve held more titles in more feds than Dru could ever hope to hold.”

Nathan smiled.  “Tera, the Company is co-run by a Brit.  Dru is not only a Brit, but one with a lot of money and influence.  You and I are Irish.  Also, I’ve no problem in proving myself.  I’ll leave it to others to take the shortcuts.  I’ll do things the right way and I will reap the positive rewards for that in the long run.  Remember with the set up of this fed, I’m never out of the title picture.  Even the lowest ranked member of this roster can jump up if they have the talent.  Kwyjibo and Twister might be new signings like me, but if I beat both of them and walk out with the win, I’ll get noticed and we’ll see where things go from there.”

Tera smirks.  “Maybe… but I’m still pissed that they dunnae have any decent alcohol around here.  Suppose I’ll have to suffer through something else when we drink.  I also just dunnae like you being blown off.  You’ve worked too hard to get to where you are.”

Nathan nods.  “I’m also coming out of retirement.  You’re a smart lass, Tera.. wouldn’t you wanna make sure a fighter comin’ out of retirement still had it?”  Tera thought about this for a few seconds and sighed, nodding.  “I guess you’re right.  Guess we don this the hard way.”